International Day of Peace Poetry Contest Winners Announced in Tulsa


Recently, Coweta High School’s Gayla Nelson organized a writing contest in collaboration with a campaign called Pinwheels for Peace. The contest asked students to submit poems in celebration of International Day of Peace. Nelson, a creative writing teacher at the school, found herself bombarded with submissions.

After careful review of the many poems, three winners were chosen. Kyra Lee, a sophomore at Coweta, received first place for her poem titled “One Nation, Under Fire.” A junior named Jessica Cox took second place for a poem called “Serenity,” and Delaney Burgess, a sophomore, won third place for “Elusive Peace.”

The guidelines for the contest asked writers to consider the idea of “peace,” and Nelson hoped her students would “think outside the box…not just [peace] being about the absence of war, but about all the ways in which people find peace–through their families, schools, friends, churches and sometimes within themselves.”

Read the full story as well as the winning poems here.