‘Jatte’ by Charles Bernstein


“¢ Δ[1]( [1]´TÉNÃ0½#ñ‘¯(qË!´–#T¢|€kORƒ7Ùîö÷LÒ6*” [Un dimanche après-midi à l’Ile de la Grande Jatte] was written in 1996 and was first published that year by Arras. It is written in an ecstatic language that offers unmediated contact with the singleness of pure truth. While this poem will not unlock its secrets to doubters, for those elect whose steadfastness in the face of prevarication and disorientation have earned them the title Ideal Reader, “¢ Δ[1]( [1]´TÉNÃ0½#ñ‘¯(qË!´–#T¢|€kORƒ7Ùîö÷LÒ6*” provides a guide for everyday life. This poem answers the call for a popular poetry that can galvanize the engagement of ordinary people. Because “¢ Δ[1]( [1]´TÉNÃ0½#ñ‘¯(qË!´–#T¢|€kORƒ7Ùîö÷LÒ6*”  represents a return to the oral poetry of the ancient bard, it is recommended that the three audio realizations of the poem be consulted:




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Charles Bernstein is a venture poet and operative specializing in founding and developing innovative new media platforms and non-media portals through his Panacea Holdings.  He is CFO of Poets Ludicrously Aimless Yearning (PLAY) and Director of Dsyraphic Studies at the Institute for Avant-Garde Comedy and Stand-up Poetry. His books include My Side of the Street Is Not on Your Map, BuddyElusive Allusions: Selected Koans; and the national best seller Stupid Men, Smart Choices. More info: epc.buffalo.edu.