“Joan of Arc” by Melvins


“…Come on you knuckleheads, move it, move it, move it…”

“Joan of Arc” is a Melvin’s song from 1993. The band began in 1983. At that time the first American woman, Sally Ride, entered space on the first voyage of the space shuttle Challenger but then Buckminster Fuller died and so too did the heaviest man who ever lived. Like the Melvins, Jon Brower Minnoch was from Washington state.

The song, “Joan of Arc,” begins with a rhythmic guitar strumming that the drum catches up to; this is followed by Buzzo urging a group to move (the opening quote). Buzzo is a brilliant screamer. His lyrics are of a mood rather than narratively straightforward.

The relationship of the sound of the words to the sound of the playing instruments is a perfect blend of skills and apparent randomness within the heavy metal context.

“How could you ever morse it down” ?

-Ish Klein

ish-kleinIsh Klein is the author of the poetry books, Union! (2009), Moving Day (2011) and Consolation and Mirth (2015). She has also written the plays Drummer 41 (CRVPT 2015), In A Word, Faust (Cambridge Literary Review, 2012) and The Orchids. Her play The Orchids will be performed by the Connecticut River Valley Poets Theater (CRVPT) September 30 at the Shea Theater in Turners Falls, MA. She lives in Amherst, MA with her partner poet and writer Greg Purcell.  Find out more on her website: www.ishklein.org

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