Kevin Spacey Delivers Original Poem to Carol Burnett on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’


Stephen Colbert, new host of The Late Show after taking over for David Letterman, continues to expose his audience to poetry.

During the program on September 16th, one of Colbert’s guests–Kevin Spacey–delivered an original poem to comedian Carol Burnett. Earlier in the evening, Burnett shared with Colbert her admiration for the work of Jimmy Stewart. It was this discussion that prompted Spacey to deliver his poem, which was very complimentary to Burnett, in the form of a Jimmy Stewart impression.

Spacey’s poetry included lines such as as the following:

Carol Burnett is a wonderful gal.
She always makes me laugh somehow.
All she has to do is put on that silly grin
and I get this funny feeling all over my chin.

Burnett was clearly charmed by Spacey’s verse and impression.

See the video of Spacey’s delivery and Burnett’s reaction here.