“La vie en Rose” by Grace Jones

Grace Jones

I don’t particularly like the song “La vie en rose” (too, I don’t know, defeatist)—which may be why I like this Grace Jones cover so much. Sometimes the lines sound like a ghost story; sometimes they soar; sometimes they whither into a snarl: la vie en meow. When she sings, “C’est lui pour moi, moi pour lui,” it’s defiant, like she’s daring the universe to try and fuck it up.

But what I love most about this cover is the part when she sings—shouts, rather—“EVERYTHING IS LOVELY!” It’s aggressive and ragged. It’s ecstatic, it could swallow the whole sun. I listened to this song a lot during the one winter I spent in Michigan. Listening to it again now, it reminds me of how day by day the frost crept up my window, how the cold punched me in the chest, how brutal everything seemed, how lovely.

-Dawn Sueoka

00000009Dawn Sueoka’s work appears in West Wind Review, Shampoo, Noö Weekly, and smoking glue gun, among others. An essay on John Cage appears in Jacket2. Her chapbook, Little Uglies, will be published by Bloof Books in 2014. She lives in Honolulu.

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