Livingston and Mirov at KGB Bar

On Monday, November 29th a crowd converged for the KGB Monday Night Poetry Reading Series. The evening was hosted by Laura Cronk, Megin Jimenez, and Michael Quattrone. The first reader was Ben Mirov, who read mostly new poems, including “A Kiss on A Purplish Light,” which you can read here.

After Mirov, there was a break followed by Reb Livingston.  Livingston is the publisher of No Tell Books, which recently released Bruce Covey’s fourth book, Glass Is Really Liquid.Covey, based out of Atlanta, was in town to give a reading the following night at ACA Galleries. Livingston also edits the online journal No Tell Motel and blogs for We Who Are About To Die.She is the author of two books, Your Ten Favorite Words (Coconut Books, 2007) and God Damsel (No Tell Books, 2010).  Livingston read from both books.  Here’s her set-list:

from Your Ten Favorite Words:

“He Will”

“At Last and Everlasting”


from God Damsel:

“Litany for the Fishyman”

“Diminished Prophecy”

“Lament for Fronting”

“Lament for Ha”

“Lament for Bust”

“Lament for Sideshow”

“Lament for Must”

“Lament for Damsel”

“Lament for Origin”

“Spell for Panic on the Approach”

“Spell for Sipping the Elixir and Not Being Learnt by Sunwurst”

“Spell for Extinguishing Woe-Dodo

“Spell for Refunding Her Who Boozed a Wineglass”

“Diminished Prophecy”

“GOURD Has Remembered”

“Diminished Prophecy”

“Diminished Prophecy”

-steven karl