“Lost” by Neurosis


rust atmospherics, gears on gears, the interminable cadence of

the factory, the cyborg pattern pressed in flesh, conveyor belt fetish

completing single-minded tasks in unison, the scraps pile on the floor


rough textile threads, sheet metal shavings, plastic particulates

that will someday end up in the great pacific garbage gyre

there’s so much that can be accomplished in nine minutes


stone by stone by stone by stone by stone by stone by stone


8/4/17 they opened with “Lost” and closed with “The Doorway”

I’ve passed through “The Doorway” in heavy rotation

but setlist.fm says the last time they played “Lost” in NYC was 1996

at a venue called Vinyl I’ve never heard anyone mention before

other entries are missing the relevant info

if you were there then add whatever song you remember

I believe I remember a show I may not have been at


-Alex Crowley

alex crowleyAlex Crowley is a reviews editor at Publishers Weekly. He received the 2011 Paul Violi Award from The New School and his chapbook, Improper Maps, was published by The OS in 2016. Poems and reviews have appeared in Phantom Limb, TLR, Forklift, Ohio, BORT Quarterly, DIAGRAM, Handsome, Interrupture, and elsewhere. He is the guitarist/vocalist for the band Warmth and you can find him on Twitter at @a_p_crowley.

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