Maira Kalman Video Series

 Maira Kalman, celebrated illustrator, author, poet, and journalist was the most recent guest on Epiphany, part of the THNKR video series produced by Radical Media. What a great series, and Kalman’s videos especially. Kalman speaks on the fluidity between narrative and illustration, how optimism is derived, the benefit of emptying one’s mind, and the vulnerability of people. Kalman’s videos include “Maira Kalman on Thinking and Feeling,” “Maira Kalman and the Joys of Wanderings,” “Maira Kalman Walks with Einstein,” and “5 Things Maira Kalman Loves Madly.” Brain Pickings posted about the videos here.

Once you notice something it keeps appearing, because next thing I know, this is on my Tumblr feed:






And as I flipped through Kalman’s inquisitions in my recently purchased copy of The Principles of Uncertainty I came across this,






which I then recognized as having also appeared in Keri Smith’s How to be an Explorer of the World

There were all these connections, appropriate for the work an author of such human connection and full of “loopy optimism.”

-Abby Koski