Marvin/Kress collaboration at CUE

Cate Marvin read at the CUE Art Foundation Friday night in support of 2-UP #6, her new collaboration with the artist Benjamin Kress (set  and images below).

2-UP is a monthly series that pairs an artist with a writer to “produce a double-sided poster, distributed in editions of two.” The series was initiated by Adam Shecter and Joe Winter.

Marvin and Kress’s piece pairs a new Marvin poem, “Why I Am Afraid of Turning the Page,” with a “funereal composite photograph.” The back includes a photographed “tangle of kudzu vines.”

Previous collaborations include Monika Zarzeczna & Nathan Lee; Colleen Asper & Davina Semo; Zerek Kempf & Cathy Park Hong; Ben Dowell & Mores Mcwreath; Glen Fogel & Craig Kalpakjian; and Barbara Ess & Maximilian Goldfarb.

Yearly subscriptions to 2-UP are available for $40.

Thanks to Adam Shecter for all of the images and photos.

Here is the front (click image for full size):

Here is the back (click image for full size):

Cate Marvin’s set:

from World’s Tallest Disaster

1. I Live Where the Leaves are Pointed

from Fragment of the Head of a Queen:

2. Coup de Soleil
3. Colder, Bitterer
4. You Cut Open
5. Pretty Speech (The Occasion of Your Death)


6. Why I Am Afraid of Turning the Page

–John Deming