“Mask Off” by Future


Some songs are parasites. They hang in the air seemingly innocuous and you catch a whiff of bay breeze commingled with exhaust and suddenly, its burrowed in your skin and you’re reliving the last scene of ET, blazed and lifting off the ground towards some new, dark moon on repeat.

I played this song in the lounge of the language school I teach at.  There was a long pause as I searched on Spotify, then the whole room erupted in dance.  My co-worker, after opening his eyes, said he expected me to play something else; I don’t know, The Lumineers.  I told him about how one of the band members was my old friend’s roommate, how his girlfriend was a stripper and had the biggest virgin/whore complex I’d ever encountered.  Her name was Nora.  Nora sucked.  So do The Lumineers.  

If you watch the video for “Mask Off” you’ll find a self-actualized Amber Rose sitting in the passenger side, smoking a blunt with Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn.  The moral of the story: don’t be a stripper; be a porn star.  If you sample a flute, make it real.  If your going to be vulnerable, make it a fucked masquerade.  

-Ivy Johnson

ivy johnsonIvy Johnson is a poet and performance artist in Oakland, CA. Her book, As They Fall, is a collection of 110 notecards for aleatoric ritual and was published by Timeless, Infinite Light in 2013. She is co-founder of The Third Thing, an ecstatic feminist performance art duo. They have a self-titled chapbook out with Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. Her book, “Born Again,” is forthcoming from The Operating System in 2018. She can be found online at https://ivyjohnsonblog.wordpress.com.

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