“Material Girl” by Madonna

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With Madonna’s “Material Girl” on I feel glamorous and rich in beauty. As one would be rich in a pink oil. Of course beauty is a commodity. I buy it and into it and try to sell it for what I want or extract its power and wield that power in a way which empowers me. We agree to invest power in beauty and through this agreement beauty becomes a real invented thing. Are beauty and money so different? Putting “Material Girl” on, I feel a kinship to inanimate objects—they and I and others are material—other commodities which have the power of being desired. If I acquire and value them I will take care of them and they might last, but they are vulnerable, like me, to damages and injury and disintegration. We are [materials] in a material world and I am a material: girl.

-Francesca DeMusz

material girlFrancesca DeMusz lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She manages online initiatives for Futurepoem books and is a member of YOMO Poetry Collective.

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