McCann & Schmall at KGB Bar

The KGB Bar Monday Night Poetry Reading Series opened its spring season last night with readings by Anthony McCann and Jeremy Schmall, who have released new books in 2011. Schmall read from Jeremy Schmall & the Cult of Comfort (X-ing Books 2011) and McCann read from I ♥ Your Fate (Wave Books 2011). The KGB Series is hosted by Laura Cronk, Megin Jimenez, and Michael Quattrone. It was founded by Star Black and David Lehman. In 2000, the pair edited The KGB Bar Book of Poems. Here is a list of poems read by Schmall and McCann:

Jeremy Schmall

“…This is what you shall do,” from the Preface to Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

from Jeremy Schmall & the Cult of Comfort:

1. Lately I’ve been thinking…
2. Some third grader on a trumpet…
3. The blankets inside this head…
4. It’s true I have no stomach for frivolity…
5. Mired in the reprehensible age…
6. If you look carefully you can see…
7. In the movie version, all ten…

from The Hammer:

1. 146
2. 110

Anthony McCann

from I ♥ Your Fate:

1. Post Futurism
2. Field Work
3. The Assistant
4. Putin With Lynch
5. Poem (“cleaning what we took to be a field…”)
6. Samuel Taylor Coleridge
7. Dear Catholic Church,
8. The Event
9. I ♥ Your Fate
—“Here’s something as thoughtful as chairs in the snow…”
—“Music came back and made us its slave…”
—“In this forest milieu: an encounter with void…”
—“The clouds lifted over a late human lunch…”
10. Your Voice
11. Alibi
12. In the Visitors’ Locker Room
13. Mammal Island
14. More Dreams of Waking