“MPS” by Bear Vs Shark


I was going to write about Slint, but hearing Bear Vs Shark as a kid turned me onto the ravenous feelings necessary to dig through time for bands like Slint ten years down the line. Bear Vs Shark recently embarked on a reunion tour (I was lucky to catch them in New York, but if you’re interested, half of them formed Bars of Gold), and it was one of the nicest punk shows I have ever been too (though I guess a bearded crust punk yelling “group hug!!” after every song isn’t really out of the ordinary). “MPS” is one of the quietest songs this band has ever produced. Regardless, it embodies the jagged lyric construction and supple immediacy that eventually turned itself, within me, into the aesthetic that I approach writing with today. Like the band’s existence, their music is loud, felt, and fast. Here: don’t listen, just listen.

-Nicolas Amara

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-2-53-55-pmNicolas Amara lives and works in New York. He is an assistant editor of Augury Books, and a member of Kristiania. He can be found online at multiplicityisthecure.tumblr.com.

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