New England College Supports MFAs with New Teaching Assitantships

New England College has announced plans to offer full funding opportunities for its MFA writing students, a groundbreaking decision for a low-residency program. Low-residency programs have not previously offered funding to their students, given their element of distance learning. New England College in New Hampshire will be the first MFA Creative Writing program to offer its students both teaching experience and fully funded positions in the program.

According to the college’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, “The Graduate Teaching Assistantships will provide exciting new possibilities for low-residency MFA Creative Writing students to pursue their personal and educational goals as writers in our program, while gaining valuable practical experience to prepare for future teaching careers.”

Indeed, New England College will be offering its low-residency students experience that many creative writing students in traditional MFA programs don’t receive: online teaching experience. Graduate Teaching Assistants will be allowed to teach online or on-campus, as assignments will be made on the basis of the student’s location and schedule. As long as the student has a teaching assignment, whether online or on campus, they will be eligible to receive a fully funded position in the program. In addition to the opportunities for full funding, students will also have the option to apply for a partially funded Graduate Teaching Assistantship should it better suit their needs.

Flexibility has always been a significant benefit of the low-residency program, and New England College intends to continue to put their students’ needs first, as they address a very powerful financial concern that many graduate students face. Program Director Tara Rebele demonstrates her enthusiasm for this new approach: “We are proud to be the first low-residency MFA program to meaningfully address the need for teaching experience and complete funding opportunities in the low-residency model.”

New England College MFA students work with notable writers such as Carol Frost, Malena Mörling, Brian Henry, Katie Farris, Aliss Nutting and Matt Bell among many others.  To find out more about the program, visit its website or contact Program Director Tara Rebele at

–Melinda Wilson