New Issue: The Claudius App

Issue 3 of The Claudius App is up here and includes an exciting myriad of fast poems, quick wit, and this. Several of the works can also be given a listen. Sweet deal. Those fancy touch “magic mice” highly recommended.

Contributors in the new issue include Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Brice Bogher, Macgregor Card, Lisa Cattrone, Corina Copp, Brandon Downing, Craig Dworkin, Judith Goldman, Diana Hamilton, Uyen Hua, Kent Johnson, Josef Kaplan, Joyelle McSweeney, Nour Mobarak, Jeff Nagy, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Ariana Reines, Robert Sheppard, Daniel Tiffany, Alex Walton, Tomas Weber, and Simone White, with a splash by Emily Dorman and Ian Hatcher.

Seth Graves