“No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)” by Eurythmics


As a Jr. high student I remember hearing the Eurythmics for the first time and being in disbelief at how good it was. Their music embodied emotions that I never knew could be held in a song. It should be noted that this was 12 to 13 years after the album’s release. I remember loving the moment any time “Sweet Dreams” or “Here Comes The Rain Again” would come on the radio. I remember being too young to be able to plow through the idea that if you love what you hear maybe you should continue along to the entire album, or that if you feel supremely moved maybe you should listen to that and see where it takes you. Instead I was deadened by gender expectations, pop culture or “staying current,” and confusion around what I wanted to define as my little aesthetic. This incredible voice and power that is the Eurythmics didn’t seem to fit into the undefinable feelings of the pre-teen me. Sometimes when I listen to the incredible “No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts),” a track which I only heard for the first time three years ago, it can feel like a memorial of the pre-teen limiting self which excluded an untold amount of positive artistic influence from my world. On the flip side I always take comfort in the fact that Annie Lennox was not holding back.

-Eric Pitra

IMG_4439Eric Pitra releases electronic music under the moniker Nature Program. He also performs live in the electronic duo Tonewheel with artist Ivaylo Gueorgiev. Currently he is scoring an upcoming documentary (2016) called Cassette about the cultural significance of the cassette tape and it’s impact on music. In late 2015 he launched the company Landscape and invented an electronic instrument which allows a performer to manually “play” or scratch cassette tapes www.HC-TT.com.

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