“NuNu” by Mira Calix


Black sky white flora fringed pink and green. “piece not about the field recording” Here is a home movie wave. Whales in captivity. “I frantically” Treated strings and insects. Sailboats. “wasps, flies, larvae hatching, butterflies beating, and with this menagerie” A little girl dances in her swimsuit; wade in: track: “NUNU” taken from “3 commissions” ep music by MIRA CALIX filmed by PAPA CALIX directed by AV; TV ©2004 www.warprecords.com “site specific music” Walk backwards into the garden. Ingest to transform the sun.

-Adam Golaski

AdamGolaskiAdam Golaski is the author Color Plates (Rose Metal Press, 2010). His monograph The House of the Devil is forthcoming from Auteur. For more visit Little Stories.

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