Octopus Books to Publish Dan Hoy and Heather Green

Octopus Books

After its April 2014 Reading Period, Octopus Books has announced its selections for publication. The press will publish an original manuscript by Dan Hoy called Deathbed Editions, as well as a selection of Tristan Tzara poems, translated by Heather Green, called Noontimes Won. Both books will appear in the summer of 2015. 

Finalists from the reading period include Brooke Ellsworth’s Anne’s Heart, Kelly Schirmann’s Popular Music, Elizabeth Clark Wessel’s Two Suns, Julia Story’s Dear Warrior, Patrick Culliton’s Cow of Sleep, Laura Eve Engel’s Things that Go, Shannon Burns’s Oosh Boosh, Bill Carty’s Tomahawks, and Jason Bredle’s I Love You but I Don’t Speak Your Language.

For Octopus Books’ full catalog visit their website.