Only a Few Days Left to Enroll in ‘Poetry Comics’ Workshop


Brooklyn Poet Bianca Stone will hold a workshop on poetry comics beginning on October 6th.

According to the workshop description, participants will “juxtapose two art forms, poetry and visual image” in order to create a “unique experience with poetic voice.”  If you’re not sure what a poetry comic is, don’t let that stop you from signing up. Stone intends to thoroughly discuss the term “poetry comics” and the form’s function in the larger literary landscape.

Discussion will include the work of poets who are also artists. Those to be studied will include Joe Brainard, John Ashbery, Lynda Barry, Claudia Rankine, Dorothy Iannone and several others.

Interested parties may enroll in the workshop through Sunday September 27th. The workshop will run through November 3rd and will meet at Stone’s apartment in Prospect Heights on Tuesdays from 6-9pm. Students will receive ample individualized attention, as there will only be a total of 5-10 students in the class.

Find out more about Stone’s workshop here.