“Oui” by Jeremih


Listening to the piano in “Oui,” I’m reminded of a scene towards the end of Mary Poppins, when Mary, Bert, and the children need to climb above a rooftop they’re stranded on, so smoke from the chimneys of London arranges itself into billowy soot steps for them to ascend.  Not for the mood of the scene (grim, a little melancholy), but because of the staircase, whose appearance suggests a counter-mood of pleasing conspiracy.

The piano repeats a brief, trilling flourish throughout “Oui” like golden stairs being built in anticipation of somebody’s foot stepping out into nothing. When I listen, I can see the stairs: gleaming, and hollow, vibrating like harp strings in a cartoon heaven.

“Oui” is a love song. A deep senselessness pools at its center. And love’s an unstable place. Its shape shakes.  I never liked watching Mary Poppins deny the magic she shared with the children when they’d want to talk about it. In those moments, the stairs turned back to ashes. “Oui” is different. It builds itself for you to follow. It wants to keep you up in the air.

-Bridget Talone

IMG_7214Bridget Talone lives and writes in Ridgewood, NY. Bridget is a co-curator for the Segue reading series and a founding member of the P.Splash Puppet Collective.

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