Pageboy Magazine is Not New

But sometimes, it takes something a little while to build up steam. Thanks to artwork from Shannon Perry, however, it is impossible not to notice that the last issue of Seattle’s Pageboy Magazine is literally staring you in the face. So now, you have to look at it.

Pageboy is the project of Thomas Walton, an oft bow-tie-wearing young gentleman who has had a love of writing and literature all of his life. The magazine began in 2008 and is a labor of love for Walton, who believes the magazine contributes to the creation of “an environment that is stimulating and culturally rich.”

“I believe a city’s cultural vitality is in the hands of its citizens. I want to live in an amazing city, so I’m trying to make an amazing magazine and have amazing events around it. The more people doing these types of things, in whatever medium, the more exciting walking down the street becomes,” Walton writes of Pageboy.

Pageboy seeks submissions periodically, and Walton generally seems to be looking for anything interesting.

“We are primarily a poetry journal, but we publish anything that is spectacular. Poetry, prose, book reviews, essays, smut, whatever we think is wildly delicious. I would publish a math equation too if it was hot enough! We also feature one visual artist every issue.”

Luckily, Seattle’s lit community will get the change to be stimulated and amazed at the Pageboy Magazine reading for the 2012 issue on Saturday, March 10 at Hedreen Gallery at 7 p.m.. The reading, which will feature writers Ed Skoog, Nico Vassilakis, Stacey Levine, Alex Bleeker, Jeremy Springsteed and others, promises great entertainment, wine and some sort of popular snack.


Crystal Curry