“Panic Beach” by Maria McKee


This is a song by a possibly obscure artist from a maybe more obscure band.  Maria McKee was the lead singer for Lone Justice, a cowpunk band from the 1980s. Her self-titled solo album kept the country-tinged songs with a punk attitude, and mixed in a healthy dose of Americana.  Her majestic voice, at once defiant and terrified, is unchanged, no matter the genre or subject.

“Panic Beach” is the first song on the second side of the album. (If “side” and “album” are confusing, Wikipedia may be of help.) It is a sort of day in the life of a vaudeville troupe, full of backstage drama, ramshackle dressing rooms, and one night stands (the show biz kind). The song is all atmosphere and melancholy – you can smell the salty air and dusty perfume bottles.

“We’re having fun out here.”

If you say it enough times you might convince someone, even yourself.

-Tricia Suit

forklift_tesuitTricia Suit carries on a number of family traditions in her role as Managing Editor/Test Kitchen Director of Forklift, Ohio. In the 1940s and ’50s,  her grandmother owned a westside Cincinnati restaurant; her father, a Marine, once had a job driving a forklift. She works as Director of Marketing for the non-profit Downtown Cincinnati, Inc., sings for indie rock band 7 Speed Vortex, and spends her free time spoiling her dog, Olive. She invites you to send recipes, cooking/home economics tips, and mash notes to her at kitchen@forkliftohio.com.

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