Pay $4000 or $5 for Noah Eli Gordon’s New Book


The Word Kingdom in the Word Kingdom is a new collection of poetry  by Noah Eli Gordon.

Now, there are lots of reasons why you might like to procure this title for yourself: It represents over a dozen years worth of work. It’s an accumulation of honed, tightly-knit lyrics, poetic sequences, and prose experiments. And you can even read an excerpt before you make a commitment.

But for those who have a hard time making decisions, Brooklyn Arts Press, the publisher, has made things a little easier: they want you to decide how much US currency you’d like to exchange for this object. If you’re in a pickle, then you can decide to pay $1; if you’re rich, then you’ll no doubt spend $5000.

Oh, and you only have until March 15 to take advantage of this unique decision-making opportunity.

Buy the book here.