Poet and Photographer Document Wildlife in British Columbia


Great Bear Rainforest has inspired a Canadian poet to write a book of poems about the wildlife of the region.

Lorna Crozier collaborated with photographer Ian McAllister to create The Wild in You, a book of photographs of animals in the Great Bear Rainforest and accompanying poems about each animal. The environment “is a massive tract of land on the B.C. coast between Vancouver Island and southeast Alaska,” according to CBCNews of British Columbia.

Crozier remembers the first time she visited Great Bear, and notes how awe-inspiring it was “to stand within spitting distance of the largest mammal in North America, the grizzly bear, and feel safe and just honoured to be in its presence.”

McAllister, whose photographs complement Crozier’s poems, is a co-founder of a conservation organization called Pacific Wild. Both artists hope to honor the impressive and beautiful wildlife that the book documents. Included in the book are photographs of “the wolves, grizzly bears, spirit bears and other creatures that live in the temperate rainforest.”

Read a discussion between the two artists from the Vancouver Writers Fest here.