Poet Cynthia Macdonald Dies at 87


The Boston Globe reports that poet Cynthia Macdonald died at a nursing home in Utah earlier this month.

Macdonald’s writing career spanned many decades, as her first book Amputations  was released in 1972. Often described as darkly humorous and sometimes grotesque, Macdonald shared work with poet Anne Sexton in the 1960s. The Globe refers to her work as being “populated by freaks and misfits whose harrowing circumstances [are] described with a light touch and verbal inventiveness.”

Interestingly, Cynthia Macdonald was a trained psychoanalyst, and she specialized in working with artists, writers and other creative people with writer’s block.

According to her daughter, Macdonald died of heart failure. Read more about the life and work of Cynthia Macdonald here.