Poetry Festival Preview: Stain of Poetry

Stain of Poetry

Day: Saturday

Stage: The Algonquin

Time: 2:40 PM

Interview with curators.

1.  Tell us a little bit about your organization. 

Runner-up for L Magazine‘s “2011 Best Reading Series” in Brooklyn, Stain of Poetry showcases a mix of “weirdo and beautiful poets,” (BlackBook magazine)

The history of Stain of Poetry is long and illustrious: founder Amy King curated the series in 2006 and 2007 as the MiPo Reading Series, dubbed after the online magazine MiPoesias she edited at the time. The series became Stain of Poetry (named after the Stain Bar in Brooklyn) in May 2008, and Amy was joined by a new co-curator, Ana Božičević. Amy and Ana curated the series through the end of 2010, then left it in the blessed hands of Steven Karl, Erika Moya and Christie Ann Reynolds who curated through early 2012.

Stain is now curated and hosted by Jenny Zhang, Joanna Penn Cooper, Erika Moya and J. Hope Stein.  The readings are held on the last Friday of every month (7 – 9 p.m.) at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn– an art and music space, library, bar, sculpture garden & magic cave.  At each reading, you will hear a range of poetries and reading styles, as well as meet poets and appreciators, many who have traveled from the four corners.

2. Who is reading in your slot at the Festival and why?

Todd Colby, Claire Donato, Melissa Broder

We saw Claire Donato read for Stain last spring in the “Mega Women’s Reading”– which turned out to be a remarkably good-vibes, community-building event– and we were struck by her attention to craft coupled with a striking stage presence.  Plus, she’s a lovely person.  We’ve long been fans of Todd Colby, a poet who’s been on the NYC scene for years and sits on the board at the Poetry Project.  Todd combines freshness and humor with a performative quality that make his readings an event.  Melissa Broder was featured by Jennifer L. Knox (another poet we admire) on the Best American Poetry blog in Knox’s series on Funny Women.  Like Todd, Melissa uses humor in a way that is both edgy and full of heart.

3. Who else are you looking forward to seeing at the Festival?

We are looking forward to seeing everyone – so many great poets, many of whom have read at Stain before—plus we are always looking to discover new poets for our upcoming readings.

4. Did you attend the festival last year? If so, what was your favorite thing about it? 

We didn’t make it last year.  Looking forward to it. It seems like Gilligan’s Island with all poets!

5. Why is live poetry important?  

In a recent interview, Ana Božičević talks about live poetry readings on rob mclennan’s blog– she says, “I love it when the text and voice erase all of us there like a wash of light.” Poetry is like a magic spell– when spoken aloud there is an incantation that can take grip of the room and cause strange and beautiful things to happen.