Poetry Reveals Inhumane Conditions at iPhone Factory

Photo Credit: Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Xu Lizhi, an employee of Foxconn, committed suicide in September of this year, and he left behind a collection of poetry detailing the abysmal working conditions at the factory. Foxconn, according to Yahoo Tech‘s Alyssa Bereznak, is a large manufacturing plant “where the world’s iPhones are assembled.”

Known for its poor treatment of employees, Foxconn takes center stage in the late Lizhi’s poems. Lizhi’s poems, which have been translated into English, illuminate the “devastating emotional and physical toll of that job.”

Here’s a short poem called “A Screw Fell to the Ground” from January of this year, in which Lizhi suggests the company’s disinterest in its employees’ well-being:

A screw fell to the ground
In this dark night of overtime
Plunging vertically, lightly clinking
It won’t attract anyone’s attention
Just like last time
On a night like this
When someone plunged to the ground

The poem may be pointing to the 18 attempted suicides of Foxconn employees in 2010. The factory workers “attempted suicide by leaping off a structure at the manufacturing facility.”

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