Polestar in Brooklyn

Polestar Reading Series, curated by Melissa Broder, teamed up with We Who Are About To Die to host a reading on Sunday, January 30th at Bruar Falls in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The event featured DJ Jason Diamond and the following readers: Marisa Crawford, Matthew L. Rohrer,  Nate Pritts, Melissa Stein, Craig Morgan Teicher, and  Andrew James Weatherhead.

Marisa Crawford’s debut book, The Haunted House, was released in 2010 by Switchback Books. Here’s her set-list:

From The Haunted House:

“Perfect Blue Orbs”
“Yum Poison Apple”
“Briar Rose”
“I Had Never Felt So Much like a Cake Made up of a Variety of Ingredients”
From “8th Grade Hippie Chic(k)” (a long poem)
-steven karl