“Positive Tension” by Bloc Party


I focus on the mantra. Meaning I can’t hear the ways the other language complicates it. Something glorious is, indeed, about to happen. I am sure of this, sitting in my cubicle in 2005, counting back from 6PM, just as boring as everyone else. Which is also what the song says, but I can’t abide anything that blunts a sense of becoming something new, of being on the verge. I saw the band and they climbed the stage scaffolding. Let go, I wanted to say, and we will catch you. What is it like to dive into a crowd knowing you will be buoyed? I want that glorious something, from an office in midtown. Deep down I believe in what I believe the song is telling me to be. But music knows better. Mundane and typical, glorious and coming into being, all these things at once.

-Andrea Mazzariello

AndreaMazzarielloHeadShotColdfrontAndrea Mazzariello is a composer, performer, writer, and teacher. He writes music on paper for others, creates one-person-band performances for himself, and has been working to bring those different processes together in new work. He teaches composition, music technology, and music fundamentals at Carleton College, and runs One More Revolution Records. The Operating System will release his first book, One More Revolution this winter.

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