‘Previously Blue’ to Be Performed in Chicago


Tomorrow through September 13th, “Previously Blue,” a “poetic summit on the mystery of disaster, resilience and beauty,” will be at Links Hall in Chicago, Illinois.

The performance will be made up of artists from 7 Stages and Cafe Antarsia. A recent press release sets the stage for the event with the following description:

The sky’s gone black. The ground is toxic. Clean water is contraband and ransom.  Survivors gather for a final interrogation of good and evil, the madness of love, and the future of the soul…

If that description doesn’t pique your interest, see the performance trailer here.

“Previously Blue” utilizes “patterns of water,” “choreodirection, hand percussion” and several other unconventional techniques to explore the “kind of integrity that emerges from disaster.” Several different artists will participate including Nesa Paripovic, Faye Allen, Maja Mitic, Nikos Brisco and others.

For more information about this and other 7 Stages events, visit this website.