“Put On” by Young Jeezy


Almost six years ago, Young Jeezy’s “Put On,” the first single off his album The Recession, was released in the middle of the “Great Recession.” In a city crumbling under financial ruin, Jeezy both armors and adorns himself with cars, cash, guns, jewels, drugs, and beautiful women in a show of perseverance and resistance. The city is both Jeezy’s Atlanta and every city. “Put On” is a song of the times—times of foreclosures, evictions, and unemployment. Jeezy (and Kayne) represent the proud and resilient individual body surrounded by a harsh and unblinking city. And while the financial industry and the small portion of citizenry in possession of capital have since recovered from this Recession, that recovery has been on the backs of the rest of our individual bodies—now even more challenged, weighed down, and crippled by unending economic crisis. Looking back, this isn’t a song of passing emergency, but a description of what has become everyday life.

-Megan Kaminski

mk_NoLaMegan Kaminski is the author of Desiring Map (Coconut, 2012) and seven chapbooks for poetry. Her forthcoming book Deep City (Coconut) explores the body and the city as architectures in crisis. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where she teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Kansas and curates the Taproom Poetry Series downtown and cane be found online at http://www.megankaminski.com/.

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