Review #1: ‘Cunt Norton’ by Dodie Bellamy

  • PUBLISHED BY: Les Figues Press, 2014
  • REVIEW BY: Timothy Liu

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cunt-nortonCunt Norton
Dodie Bellamy

If lyrical bad-assery could rip us each a new one, then what might these cuntastic proses do to my eight-plus inches of Norton Anthrologies taking up shelf space in my head is the question I keep on asking—thirty-three poets from the last four-hundred-ish years singled out for cunt-up congress!—and no, I don’t really need Ariana Reines gushy foreword to lube me up for debauchery-a-la-Dodie, but maybe the excess is the exact point—an entry point—a sorority of sisterly fingers to up-end canons that not since a book like Urs Allemann’s Babyfucker could manage to put our complacent literary practices at risk.

Disclosure: Have only met DB on the page.

Favorites: “Cunt Shakespeare,” “Cunt Emerson,” “Cunt Cummings.”