Review #3: ‘Natural History Rape Museum’ by Danielle Pafunda

  • PUBLISHED BY: Bloof Books, Dec. 2013
  • REVIEW BY: Timothy Liu

Read Timothy Liu’s preamble to his ‘100 Reviews in 100 Days.’

product_thumbnail.phpIf you, like me, abhor under-forty Pulitzer Gang-Banged Glamor Balls guzzling down official verse-culture jizz, then join me in Danielle Pafunda’s Natural History Rape Museum–no other book I know has so thoroughly shaken the fuckwad out of my pudenda, these violently subversive verses a lyrical tour-de-force.

Disclosures: I heard her perform many of these poems at the Lynchian Jewel Box Theater in Seattle (sans cellist!) and was shocked to feel my latent masochistic inner-heterosexual demand that she never stop doing what she does best, all “safe words” be damned.

Favorites: “You put me in the dress, I’m just wearing it. Externally.”; “Stingray”; “Punishment”; and her epic serial “On the Bearskin Rug in Front of the Fire I Construct the Following Tableau:”

–Timothy Liu