Review #31: ‘Slow Motion German Adjectives’ by Donald Dunbar

  • PUBLISHED BY: Mammoth Editions, 2013
  • REVIEW BY: Timothy Liu

donald dunbar

For starters, this collection takes on Mary Oliver, Ronald Reagan, Peggy Noonan, Thom Yorke, Suicide Bombers and iPhone Apps of Fireplaces Burning Bright in our American Empire where you can read poems by executed Death Row inmates like Marc Anthony Stroman (who went on a post 9-11 shooting-spree rampage) just by googling his name. Dunbar manages to digest absurdist tabloid-worthy fodder into something horrifically sublime (and funny!): “There there. A fuck-fest / in Veggie Tales costumes, organic genitals. Poem plugging a / urethra. All I need is everything from sonnets stitched into / the play’s text to play-rape overdubbed with field recordings / of insects molting, mornings in clawed bathtubs, missiles / with pouty lipstick, the missionary word for strict pleasure.” This is the kind of mindfuck, mein Kommandant, that would knock the gang-banged war-mongering masses on their asses.

Disclosures: This chapbook just might lead you to Dunbar’s previous full-length debut, Eyelid Lick, from Fence.

Favorites: Cherry Coma, The Soft Face of a Rabbit, Organic Shrapnel, Book God.

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