Review #4: ‘Clean’ by David J. Daniels

  • PUBLISHED BY: Four Ways Books, 2014
  • REVIEW BY: Timothy Liu

Author Photo: John Tiedermann


This debut, twenty years in the making, is formally taut, emotionally brave, and narratively promiscuous, each poem a tearoom paean scratched onto the john doors of the unbleached mind–a collective confessional if you will akin to a trough-sized urinal–all of it arbitrated by a meticulous attention to craft (metrics, sonics, pyrotechnics), somehow giving the nod to tradition only to go down on its bewildered head, all the while attesting to some Wordsworthian moments reflected in tranquility (i.e. sobriety) that implicitly acknowledges our poet maudite indeed survived to tell his sordid hallowed tales–hot lyrical gossip that makes for required reading, a primer on how to save gay culture from its self-involved selves.

Disclosures: David and I met behind the stall marked Candy Crush Level 530 and are still awaiting delivery from this shared purgatory.

Favorites: “Missing”; “This Is the Pink”; “Danny Starr: A Lament”; “To a Closeted Groom on His Wedding Day.”

Timothy Liu