Reynolds/White At St. Mark’s

reynoldsSt. Mark’s Poetry Project’s Monday night readings series (curated by Macgregor Card) kicked off its season on October 11th.  While the Manhattan sky crackled with lightning and rain, inside, wine bottles were uncorked and a large crowd eagerly awaited the evening’s two readers: Christie Ann Reynolds and Simone White.

White read from her book, House Envy of All the World (Factory School) and poems featured in The Recluse.

Christie Ann Reynolds was celebrating the release of her chapbook, Revenge Poems (Supermachine). It should come as no surprise then that her set-list is heavy on revenge:

from Revenge Poems:
1. Revenge Poem
2. Revenge Poem
3. Revenge Poem
4. Revenge for Revenge
5. Revenge for all that is Capable of Being Revenged
6. Revenge of the Body and the Body of Revenge
7. Revenge Poem
8. Revenge for the Shark Death I Deserve
9. From series, I Am Going to Save Your Life
10. Settlers of Catan
11. I Am Going to Save Your Life, sections 1-7
12. Love poem A
13. Love poem A 1/2
–Steven Karl