RIP Diann Blakely

diann blakely

Poet Diann Blakely passed away on August 5, 2014 in Brunswick, Georgia. Blakely suffered from a chronic lung disorder, and complications resulted in her passing at age 57.  She is the author of three collections of poetry, most recently Cities of Flesh and the Dead (2008) from Elixir Press.

Born in Anniston, Alabama in 1957, Blakely was known in the poetry community for her commitment to southern poetry and culture. In fact, Blakely founded and curated the popular Facebook poetry page Notes on the State of Southern Poetry.

In addition to being a poet, she was also an essayist, critic and educator. Blakely taught at Belmont University, Harvard and Vanderbilt, among other institutions.

You can read a full obituary in The Tennessean. Also, read Coldfront’s review of Cities of Flesh and the Dead and learn more about Diann Blakely’s life and work here.