“Sealed Scene” by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete


Youth is most intimate with itself, always tethered to the flirtation between immortality & destruction. So there are sirens. Anxiety mixed with hope. (Call it music.) Centuries pass. We turn the amps up louder. Astounded by the insatiable appetite for rhythm. The imbalance of excitement & despair— exhilaration to our anticipation. 21st century. New ways to die. Bodies understand time as forward. So. Yes. Play. It. Loud. Or don’t. The world will end. Most of us before it— our death, a mere ripple to the few that knew us.

Love. It will not save us. Maybe because of this, or in spite of it, we make it the pursuit of life. Each of us, we come to it in our own way. Or, perhaps Ashbery said it best, “It’s impossible/ to keep abreast of the times, and yet we still have wings.”* Song. Anthem. Wings. Do with them what you will.

* from Flow Chart by John Ashbery.

-Steven Karl

P1120934Steven Karl is the author of Dork Swagger, winner of the Joanna Cargill Prize for a first book (Coconut Books). You can view the book trailer here. His second book, Sister, is forthcoming from Noemi Press. He is the features editor for Coldfront Magazine and a poetry editor for Sink Review. Recent writings have appeared in jubilat, Sprung Formal, and The First Time I Heard My Bloody Valentine. He lives in Miami, Florida.

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