Seattle: Black Buried Reading

What do you do when visiting poets come to town and you can’t find a venue in time? Sunday’s Black Buried organizer, Greg Bem, fashioned a semi-spontaneous, location-undisclosed-until-the-last-minute reading in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle — that’s what. Poets Chelsea Tadeyeske, Cynthia Spencer, Amaranth Borsuk and Alex Bleecker read at chilly dusk, along with musical-poet guests Lobo Marino. Milwaukee poets Tadeyeske and Spencer, both with recent books out through plumberries press, read concise and painterly poems. Borsuk, a new transplant to Seattle, read from her new collection, Handiwork, from Slope Editions (2012), an erasure-derived procedural work. Bleeker read new work of intimate scenarios. Lobo Marino weaved a musical poetic interlude of harmoniums and percussion. Here is Amaranth Borsuk at the event, reading from Handiwork:

For more videos from the event, as well as Four Hoarsemen at Smoke Farm and a bonus poem by Bem, head over to Bem’s blog.

Crystal Curry & Nico Vassilakis

Video used by permission