Seattle: Melanie Noel’s Monarchs + Tour + Chevy Impala Reading Series

Seattle’s Melanie Noel will be reading Friday, February 15 at Open Books (2414 N. 45th St.) at 7:30 p.m. to support the release of her book of poems, The Monarchs (Stockport Flats, 2013).

In an email, Noel described the following inspirations for The Monarchs:

“Sounds and second-hand stories of places (Lake Erie, the Arctic and Chernobyl are three; inspire might be the wrong word). My nephew Evren’s birth, which I witnessed. Lost things. Subtitles and images from films inspire me. Heartbreak. Conversations and exchanging work with friends, particularly Heide Hinrichs, with whom I talk often, whose work I love (she’s a visual artist).”

Noel also recently completed a recent Kickstarter campaign to fund a tour of the West Coast in support of the book’s publication. Along the way, Noel plans to offer abbreviated versions of the synesthesia and imagination workshops that she regularly offers in Seattle, as well as feature a short film by poet Don Mee Choi. Tour dates will be announced when they become available.

The tour will be powered (literally) by an inherited Chevy Impala that is also the star of a new reading series that Noel plans to begin in March. The “Impala (In my precious and loving arms) Reading Series,” will feature the aforementioned vehicle, a driver (Noel), a writer, and three audience members, going on a Sunday drive of the writer’s choice.

Bill Carty