Seattle: SPU Prof Wins PSA Award, Hyesoon Workshop, Rhubarb Poetry

The Poetry Society of America annual awards ceremony is tonight and Seattle is represented by poet Jennifer Maier, who won the Emily Dickinson award for her villanelle, “Fly,” which supposes the point of view of the “fly” (the one that’s buzzing) in Dickinson’s #465. Judge Phillis Levin writes of the poem, “‘Fly’ dwells in a realm where “will,” “desire,” and “fate” are words that remain unspoken while their meanings continue to haunt, provoke, and ramify.”


This week’s Living Room gathering at SPLAB, 7 p.m. tonight, 3651 S. Edmunds, is titled “Writing Alongside Kim Hyesoon.” The workshop, spearheaded by Jeanne Morel promises that, “after a brief immersion in her words, we will write a series of experiments responding to her work and incorporating elements from it into our own writing. After that we will critique work as usual.” Hyesoon is a prominent Korean poet, recently popularized in the United States largely due to Action Books and the translation work of Seattle poet Don Mee Choi.


Seattle Weekly’s Voracious blog is getting into the “poetry is everywhere” game by publishing a regular feature on the site dedicated to “producing poetry,” or writing poetry on the food at the local farmers’ markets. This week’s contribution is by Seattle poet Kate Lebo, and it is on rhubarb.



Crystal Curry

Photo courtesy Luna Cafe