Six works by Vittore Baroni


Vittore Baroni (Forte dei Marmi, Italy, 1956) is active since the late Seventies in the planetary circuit of mail art and in the fields of visual poetry, audio art and street art. His VisPo is seldom asemic but, in the tradition of the Italian Poesia Visiva, usually involves social criticism, humour, riddles and cryptic textual contents.



Free the Word




Hey Vispo


3 - Homage to Cavaldoli - 2014


Homage to Cavaldoli


4 - The Bookish Kind - 2014


The Bookish Kind

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The Massage is the Poem


6 - To Ble Or Not To Ble (chocolate piece) - 2014


To Ble or Not to Ble (Chocolate Piece)