Small Press Subscription Deals

Every year a plethora of small presses offer their catalogue at a discounted subscription rate. Here’s a brief run-down of presses you might consider supporting.

Rescue Press offers two subscription plans. $65 for their second year titles which include authors such as Philip Sorenson, Mellisa Dickey and Vinnie Wilhelm or $55 for their first year catalogue which includes authors such as Shane McCrae, Zach Savich and Andrea Rexilius. Click here for all the information.

Ahsahta Press is offering seven new books for a mere $88 which is a 40% discount. The new books are by the following authors: Dan Beachy-Quick & Matt Goulish, Elizabeth Robinson, Kate Greenstreet, T. Zachary Cotler, Ethan Paquin, Carrie Oliva Adams, Noah Eli Gordon and Heidi Lynn Staples. Click here for full details.

Greying Ghost Press is offering subscriptions to their chapbooks for a limited time only. Subscribe by September 15 and receive six chapbooks plus pamphlets and broadsides. The subscription is $40 for USA/Canada and $60 for other parts of the world. The chapbooks included are by Jon Cone, Coldfront’s own, D.J. Dolack, Joshua Ware, Justin Marks, Jennifer H. Fortin, and Eric Amling. Click here to purchase.

Wave Books is offering a paperback subscription for $75 and it includes new collections of poetry by Eileen Myles (Snowflake and different streets, a double edition: two books in one!), Dorothea Lasky, and Hoa Nguyen; the first English translation of Im Zeitspalt, a later work by the renowned German poet Ernst Meister (translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick), the collected lectures of Mary Ruefle, a workbook-sized edition of CAConrad’s irreverent and revolutionary (Soma)tic exercises, the continuation of bibliographic pamphlets, and other publications and ephemera to be announced. Subscription volumes ship free (bulk rate) throughout the year as they are released.


* Image taken from Rescue Press.


-steven karl