Song of the Week: “Alesund” by Sun Kil Moon

Want to tell you in my ear before it’s gone: I’ve got your singing from the Grey Eagle last night. A dude lumbered up. He set down a pint on the stage for you as if to say: Stop. Drink now. A woman cried out her own name. She spoke crisp: I’m in the Navy. Hey now. Kozelek. Do you sing because you’re bewildered by the past or because you’d like to understand once more? You sing: some people don’t end. Some people never end. You look up. It’s October. This is an amulet not a fan note. When I cup my friend’s head cracking over her lap we laugh; women are crying all around. You sing “Alesund” for Romany in the Navy. We dismember in the warm fall night. Black walnut scent: men, women delaying. On the ladies stall there’s a line scrawled across. Isn’t it always about love? Writing for some other listening. No one’s effaced her yet.

-Elaine Bleakney

Elaine Bleakney lives in Asheville, NC. Her recent writing appears in At Length, Caketrain and Evening Will Come.

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