Song of the Week: “All Her Favorite Fruit” by Camper Van Beethoven

“All Her Favorite Fruit,” from Camper Van Beethoven’s 1989 full-length LP Key Lime Pie,  is a romantic anthem sung from the point-of-view of a British mathematician and issued to a girl in a uniform from something resembling that Thomas Pynchon novel that begins with the skies and the screaming. Admittedly, I’m a big fan of songs of the If-I-wasn’t-what-I-am-I-would-be-something-better sub-genre.

Fruit rots. Roofs rust.  Meals are made. There is an I. There is a her. There is a him. Sometimes, I have been the him. Often, I am the I. The one on the train, imagining escape. Dreaming dreams. Singing songs. Alive, and in love.

-Ben Kopel

Ben Kopel live in New Orleans, Louisiana. He recently completed the Sui-Southern Tour(ettes) 2012 with poet Kim Vodicka. His full-length collection of poems, VICTORY, is available from H_NGM_N Books.




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