“Ambient” by Fockewulf 190


I’ve been in love with this song since last spring when a friend of mine included it on a birthday mixtape. It’s diffuse, as the title suggests, yet compels movement…how your fingers can’t help but tap a steering wheel to the thunk of windshield wipers. In fact, the track’s quality of definitive evocation is so strong that in preparing to write this piece, I discovered that my mind had assigned precise lyrical narrative to its mostly opaque vocals. I spent a while writing them up, unraveling somewhere between ghost story and fairy tale. No sooner had I finished typing then I accidentally embedded the text into an office memo mailed out to my work’s entire IT department. There was no response.

-Elaine Kahn

Elaine Kahn is the author of A Voluptuous Dream During an Eclipse (Poor Claudia, 2012), Customer (Ecstatic Peace Library, 2010), and Radiant Bottle Caps (Glasseye, 2008). She performs music under the name Horsebladder with releases previous and forthcoming from Night People, Ecstatic Peace, Yod Tapes, and Hot Releases. Elaine is the managing editor of Flowers & Cream press and lives in Oakland, California. For more info: scrappaperplates.weebly.com.

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