“Black Candy” by Beat Happening


Just Get The Core

I remember giving my album
to a sister
whose album
the weight was. And is,
what remains is
a portion of my troubled weight.
Florentine tiles,
my only friend. I’d figured out
that our public principle was /
is / to smart as “the show d’int
go on.” “got to jobs”
and got to Jon’s
before town became dawn—
let go. swear
at the VHS canister.
If you’d fall in love with me
I could happen
to me. I thought this might be Black Candy
by Beat
Happening but forgot those
cresting, millennial ears. Or
learned too, vibrato
trill & take-down the papier
mâché grey

-John Coletti 

John Coletti is the author of SKASERS, a half-book with Anselm Berrigan (Flowers & Cream 2012), Mum Halo (Rust Buckle Books 2010), Same Enemy Rainbow (fewer & further 2008), and Physical Kind (Yo-Yo-Labs 2005). Other recent projects include a libretto for Excelsior (Caught: The Wide Open), an opera composed by Caleb Burhans commissioned by Chicago’s Fifth House Ensemble and premiering in 2013.

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