“Call Me Maybe” by Saint Pepsi


No longer just a Disneyfied sub-deb cranked out by Chad Kroeger’s Canuck, pop-star puppymill, SAINT PEPSI’s edit’s pitched-down vocals not only provide Carly Rae with a sex-change, pro bono, they also — as conceptual gesture — suggest the possibility of singer-as-essence, wherein corporeality is exchanged for sound — or radio-waves — & a trip across the universe.

Through this star-gone-nova maneuver the term “self-released” achieves maximum Eros & opens a pop-wormhole to a world in which DOMA/(marriage?), nor the culture that conceived it, could exist.

Here, in our universe, the octave-shift simulates a traditionally male range, which, in leiu of a joke, posits a queer anthem, maybe. But in that dreamed-of, other universe, the song is simply what it is: an epic pop ballad about unrequited love, equal parts yearning & abandon, “[suffusing every] universe with that. No dour equivocation, no resistance, just transcendent liberty arrived at by way of frivolity’s disguise.”

-Gabriel Kruis

Gabriel Kruis is a poet who lives in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. He runs the SHITLUCK reading series at the Tip Top Bar & Grill & got an MFA from Hunter College.

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