Song of the Week: “Close to the Pharmacy” by Santa Rita

There is a new all girls Spanish experimental garage rock band on the prowl and they are ready to take over the US. Their video “Close to the Pharmacy,” directed by Jordi Cusso Amat, came out early last year and you might be surprised to know it was their first video ever. They have been around since early 2010 but before that they never really played music.   (Maybe I still have time to live out my own rock fantasy after all.)

I picked this song for a few reasons. First, I want to promote mis amigas. Secondly, their music speaks to the ’90s rocker in me. And finally because they remind us that girls can do anything that boys can do.

While these ladies are new to the scene, they are not afraid to take chances with the composition of their songs, breaking our expectations from beginning to end. Lyrically the song is quite simple, but is also beautifully aggressive at times. If you can hold out until the end of the song you will hear some really amazing and awkward transitioning. From Ceci’s powerful, almost Courney Love larynx, to Natalia’s amazing electric guitar and Laura’s energy on drums, they give me a song I want to listen to on repeat. I give a head banging salute to these ladies who keep rock fun and interesting.

-Kiely Sweatt

Kiely Sweatt spent the last five years living in Barcelona where she started up Prostibulo Poetico and ran the reading series Tri Lengua, now in NYC. She is founding editor of Libro Rojo, and co-editor of The Translation Book, Volume 1. Her work has appeared online and in print in such publications as The Why and Later edited by Carly Sachs, Best American Poetry blog, Shampoo, Barcelona Ink and Pax Americana, among others. She has a few video poem collaborations on Vimeo and is the author of the full length collection Origin Of (Patasola Press 2012) and A Home Big Enough for Remembering, which is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press in 2013.

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