Song of the Week: “Coles Corner” by Richard Hawley

A riddle: a woman who does not exist burns a song onto a disc. At the same time, a woman who does exist—say, the woman who created the woman who does not exist—burns the same song onto the same disc. The song is full of longing, lush with strings, brimming with hope and despair, with such a romantic ache it casts a glance at parody. The song is for a man, a man who is in love with the woman who does not exist. The woman who does not exist, and the woman who does, are both in love with the man. The man hears the song, a song he’s never heard, by an artist he doesn’t know; he collapses with yearning for the woman who does not exist. But she is the creation of the deceiver, the woman who, in spite of this deceit, longs for the man she has deceived. She is waiting, with a smile and a flower in her hair; she is not waiting, no smile, no flower, nowhere.

What, in the end, has the man heard? What does he hear, still?

-Gregory Crosby


Gregory Crosby‘s poems have appeared in Court Green, Epiphany, Copper Nickel, Paradigm and other journals that sound like nail colors. He is co-curator of the EARSHOT reading series and co-editor of the online poetry journal Lyre Lyre.

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